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Who are we?

Description: We are the industrialists producing and selling handicrafts worldwide with a veiw to get the best value for our product. Along with the objective to give our clients, the best value for money service.

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Vision and Mission

We always wanted ourselves to be as simple as we could be, this was to maintain peace in our lives and harmony in our work, that's why we always believe in 'simple living and higher thinking.' . Our work may or may not be so attractive to anyone but, however it's of our own so we love it, we keep doing more of it, improvise it, and work on new ideas.

And as the business part is concerned, it's not just a business for us. It's our way to make new relations, get more feedbacks and experiences, because we focus more on self improvement rather than money-making, and try to be the best with our clients.

T-Lights and Candle Holders              Decore              Table-Ware              Vases              Woodens              Kitchen-Ware             

Keep in Touch

Feel free to contact us for any
Product, service or even a new design idea you get, because we love new ideas.

Address: Sherwa-Hakimpur Bypass Road,Fatehpur
Moradabad-244001, India.

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Call or Whatsapp: +91-9058192036